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the artists - conversations archives

  • 2013/08/21  If you dedicate yourself to a cause, you have to be consistent- an interview with Guy Swinnen of the Scabs

  • 2013/04/17  Art is an underestimated tool for activism, an interview with Nneka

  • 2012/12/21  Every year destruction looms closer, an interview with Lee Vincent of Pulled Apart By Horses

  • 2012/11/08  Isn’t your mind curious? An interview with Roger Miret of Agnostic Front

  • 2012/10/23  The power of exponential growth, an interview with Milow

  • 2012/10/04  I feel like I’m ready to roar, an interview with Xavier Rudd

  • 2012/08/10  Whatever we throw at the earth she can take, an interview with Matt Kelly of the Dropkick Murphys

  • 2012/04/24  The Essence of Solitude, an interview with Chris Velan

  • 2012/03/28  Heather Nova- A Deep Ocean Soul

  • 2011/12/03  I travel with my own laundry detergent, an interview with Bob Schmidt of Flogging Molly

  • 2011/10/14  We keep our fingers crossed: an interview with Dan Haggis of the Wombats

  • 2011/09/15  This earth can only take so much, an interview with Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music

  • 2011/09/02  Saving pelicans for Karma, an interview with Zoli Teglas of Ignite

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