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the organizations - online talks archives

  • 2013/12/28  We often see ourselves as paradigm shifters, an interview with Scott Parkin of Rising Tide North America

  • 2012/12/30  TerraPass: carbon offsetting is an affordable, real way to help reduce emissions. An online-talk with Erin Craig

  • 2012/06/14  Protecting the playground of all wave lovers, an interview with the Surfrider Foundation Holland

  • 2012/06/04  The perfect wave’s got an environmental dimension, an interview with GrĂ©gory Lemoigno of the Surfrider Foundation Europe

  • 2012/04/18  Trying to be a good part of the Animal Kingdom, an interview with Amanda Baker of the Vegan Society UK.

  • 2012/03/16  FairClimateFund- reducing the effects of climate change with a social impact

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