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Acknowledgements to Anne

When word was out that we needed a website to underline our cause and to support the book, Anne -graphic designer by trade- volunteered by reducing our metaphorical frowns by literally offering her professional skills to be used according to our idiosyncrasies. Not only does she deserves our greatest appreciation for translating our sketches and color schemes into a digital & visual introduction to the project, but also for her patience, feedback and positivity despite our reluctance, continuous inquiries and my demanding nature. In addition she interpreted our first Circles on the Water– logo from pencil to the binary numeral system, then innocently trashed it by comparing our mythological design to the project-title. While standing to close to your ideas, the obvious often surpass you. Thus we let go of the idea and started again and we went for an astrological derivative of Earth with off-centered circles. Our thanks to Anne! X



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