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Area 4 revisited


For fans, artists and other parties not entirely mastering the German language, the AREA 4 FESTIVAL unfortunately failed to translate their green efforts into English. A limitation to their own promotional skills because the Festival has been Rockin’ green since the late nineties. This year their ‘GRUEN ROCKT’ program is even going a step further giving the fans the opportunity to RECYCLE their waste in four different colored waste bags representing their  journey’s end, also on the camping grounds. The deposit for each garbage bag which will be refunded when returned, filled with waste.

©Area 4

If you want to cut down travel costs or curb your carbon footprint you can find information about CARPOOLING on the festival website as well as a timetable for a shuttle bus. For those who want to rock hard and sleep sound you can choose to camp down in the festival’s greener living grounds (GRUENER WOHNEN).  Any  information about the festival, you find by downloading the AREA 4 APP.

PROJECT 24/5 is a tantalizing opportunity to volunteer and work only 24 hours (4 to 6 hours a day) as a ‘guide’ making sure that Area 4 is more enjoyable, greener and cleaner. In return you get 5 days of festival fun. For more info about project 24/5 check out the Area 4 website under  ‘Interaktiv’. You can also mail your green ideas to

But in the end it’s all about the music. Only 3 days left before the kickoff of another few days of (alternative) rock, metal and hardcore punk to be experienced somewhere in the vicinity of Dortmund und Münster .  The beautiful surroundings of airport Borkenberge in Lüdinghausen will meet with three days of pure music at the Area 4 Festival. And these are the bands making it worth your while this year:



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