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London by train

SANDERZ NEEDED A BREAK FROM WORKING ON THE PROJECT 24/7 AND CAPE FAREWELL’S INVITATION TO CELEBRATE THEIR TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY WAS AN EXCUSE TO GO TO LONDON. I, ALL ACTIVISM AND NO PLAY, WAS UNINSPIRED TO GO, BUT THE OPPORTUNITY TO TRAVEL BY TRAIN, HAVING ITS FAMOUS MONOTONY WORK ITS MAGIC ON MY OBSESSIVE WRITINGS MIGHT JUST NUDGE ME INTO INSPIRATION. FROM THAT POINT OF VIEW IT SEEMED LIKE A GOOD IDEA. We had ignored our favorite way of travelling and that was by boat, seeing the white chalk cliffs of Dover, its castle standing majestically overlooking the waters like Churchill might have done. We even fought the inexpensive Tantalus of flight, but chose to go underground  plowing through the cold North Sea Channel to London by Eurostar. And who says that reducing one’s carbon footprint can’t go hand in hand with a little sarcasm or humor. I could see Sanderz and I condemned to our polyester covered chairs for a few hours in this chosen isolation being productive for the project, crammed into a four seated area with a table almost against our bellies. If I wasn’t involved already, could this be the ideal solution to find a future lover? As there was no space added to the word leg and as such the two opposite travelers and we were diplomatically puzzling where we could relax our limbs without too much acrobatics. Feet were consciously placed and I might have been responsible for a few bruises on my fellow passengers’ knee every time I wanted to dispose of something in the bin, although he was very courteous and I a little bit irritated. No contact was made with other travelers; they were ear-plugged, and playing with their  40 square cm of black-plastic digital gadgets, touchscreened or buttoned. But the experience left me in a full sarcastic mood having the utterly (little reference to “the Young Ones”) depressing interior saying; you’re on an inexpensive ride, but I’ll get you to London. So all in all it was a fast, boring (well, I researched a lot), totally uninspiring ride but a very good CO2 alternative. And I’ll do it again.

London, by the way, was like it ever was. Unchanged, good. The latest developments are damaging a great city and those who live there.

Cape Farewell’s Scottisch Island Expedition, sails from 15th July- 12th August 2011.





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