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Lost in Germany/ Area 4 Festival


As a control freak I’ve never been too keen on relying on a navigator to guide me anywhere. The road to Lüdinghausen, Germany, where the annual punk/rock Area 4 Festival is held, was long and weary with ‘robot-voice’ guiding me in a direction I didn’t want to go and therefore driving in circles, as a pup chasing its tail. All you can do to break the loop is to ‘politely’ curse your electronic adversary and go on instinct. I often wondered if there’s a link between loss of instinct and climate change, but that’s a whole different story.

Now we’re diving into PUNK. Arriving a little after the nick of time, when our first interview with Hot Water Music was scheduled, the band informed us that they were held up between borders and would be arriving much later. It gave us the opportunity to walk the grounds. The remarkable waste free festival situated at the Borkenberge airfield follows its Grün Rockt (Green Rocks) program…

“Green Rockt” is a FKP Scorpio concert-productions program to reduce the festivals carbon footprint. They welcome any good, crazy or wild idea to help them mitigate their CO2 emissions: Area 4 encourages public transportation, carpooling, coming on bike and recycling cans/bottles. There’s a choice to doze off at a Green Camping site, getting your “waste-deposit” back when your able to fill a garbage-bag with your festival surplus and donating food to the underprivileged. For further information about Green Rockt visit

Where was I? Yeah,….walking the grounds. We were allowed a fast taste of the festival before meeting Ignite’s (& Pennywise’s) lead singer Zoli Téglás.  Above the area rose a giant crane for those without issues of height to view the event upside-down for a few minutes dangling from an elastic cord. Skateboarders were demonstrating their vert ramp skills. The less-capable were able to stick themselves to a wall with Velcro. There were food stands in the center and organizations (Greenpeace, Peta2 etc), little entrepreneurs and stands with band-merchandise marking the boundaries of the festival zone. Even before the bands went onstage Area 4 was already rockin’.
Area 4 19th August 2011 line-up: Veara, Title Fight, The Ocean, Turbostaat, The Black Pacific, Royal Republic, Madsen, Disco Ensemble, Karnivool, Danko Jones, Ignite, Jimmy Eat World, Hot Water Music, Thirty Seconds To Mars.

And may I add; I love punk.



Hot Water Music

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