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Sweet Rockin’ Town of Tens: Suikerrock Festival 2013

Let’s call it one of our idiosyncrasies to be able to get lost anywhere, even if we have reached our place of destination. To park in a historic town with only 5 minutes on the clock before we have to interview one of the godfathers of Belgium (punk) rock Guy Swinnen,  is a small challenge. When all parking-signs are out of sight,  make contact with the first Sugarrockin’ shirt you can find.

© Skye

Suikerrock,  meaning Sugarrock is a 4 day during festival in the middle of the historic town of Tienen in Belgium, celebrating their 27th edition with a wide variety of artists. In the town centre of Tienen, a small town that has been through turbulent times since the Middle Ages and has resurrected from  pillage and plunder into a vibrant urban town famous for its sugar refinery.  On one of Belgium’s largest town square, surrounded by a gothic 13th century church ‘Our Lady of the Pool’, the neo classical façade of the town hall and other historic buildings, lies Suikerrock’s main stage.  This year’s line-up include:


Spoil Engine
 Vista Chino
Within Temptation 


Marco Z
The Van Jets
The Scabs
Golden Earring 


My Jerusalem
The Opposites
James Morrison
The Kaiser Chiefs


Gers Pardoel
Gabrielle Aplin
Katie Melua
Joe Cocker

Sting ©Nathalie van Riel

Kaiser Chiefs © Steven Massart

Suikerrock feels like a holiday: very relaxed and well-organized. The successful festival has found its own niche, surviving amongst his bigger ‘brothers or sisters’  for almost three decennia.  Despite the weather forecasts -Sting having to adjust his performance due to heavy rainfall- Suikerrock has pulled of yet another great edition with national and international acts, offering the town of Tens a musical dive into a wide range of sounds, labelled as metal, glam rock, pop/rock, hip-hop, symphonic rock, postmodern gothic soul and good old fashioned rock ‘n roll, all in four days of summer.

The Scabs © Skye

© Circles on the Water, 2021